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Micky Trickstar is a Melbourne based children’s magician that travels across Victoria to conjure up mystifying yet hilarious birthday magic shows suitable for all ages.

Birthday magic shows vary in style and presentation ensuring the appropriate magic show is presented for different age groups.

Little Munchkins at the Birthday?

The Micky Trickstar Magic Birthday show is extremely interactive, super silly, hilarious and energetic ensuring the children are mesmerized from start to finish.

At the conclusion of every show Micky loves to take goofy photos whilst kids experience the beautiful and cheeky Daisy the magic bunny or Bubbles the snow white dove.

Don’t tell the kids Micky’s fury friends will be making a magical appearance. Shhhhh!

What have former clients said?


Most definitely!

The magic show is completely different to what little munchkins would experience. As our children grow entertaining them at parties becomes a challenge. You have most probably noticed this.

Micky Trickstar has developed a magic show perfect for this age group.

With danger, suspense and incredible sleight of hand combined with his cheeky antics the adults will love it too!

Birthday Party Workshops

Workshops are an additional option, suitable for children 8 years and over.

Micky would teach kids elements of magic , which include misdirection and sleight of hand. All props and equipment is supplied ensuring all the children participate at the same time.

The best part, the kids are not aware they are improving their hand/eye co-ordination and dexterity skills along the way.

Oh yeah, what else to expect?