Micky Trickstar is a Melbourne based children’s magician that travels across Victoria to conjure up mystifying yet hilarious magic show  entertainment.

Birthday magic shows vary in style and presentation ensuring the appropriate magic show is presented for different age groups.

The show is extremely interactive, funny, energetic and educational ensuring the children are learning, laughing and involved with the show from start to finish.

At the conclusion of every show Micky loves to take goofy photos, chat to the kids and show them his beautiful white dove Bella up close.

Don’t tell the kids she will be making an appearance. Shhh!

  • FREE gift for every child!
  • FREE bonus gift for the birthday child!
  • Birthday child becomes the true TRICKSTAR of the show!
  • Bella the beautiful white dove makes an appearance!
  • Clean, hilarious, visual and interactive magic!
  • No birthday is too big or small !
  • packages to suit ALL budgets !
  • Working with children’s check (WWCC)
  • 20 years of entertaining experience