Positive Impact of a Children’s Magician

Through centuries, magicians have been seen in various forms and known for paranormal or supernatural behavior people feared. However, modern-day magicians perform tricks from varied skills including:


  • Illusions
  • Card tricks
  • Disappearing acts and more


They can perform for either hundreds of people or for small gatherings.


As children are awed with people and the world around them, a children’s magician is their perfect entertainer.  At a children’s party, they are delighted when a magician pulls a rabbit out of his black hat.  They wonder:


  • How a mysterious, lovable rabbit got inside the magician’s hat.
  • What other tricks are in store for them.



The following are two examples of magic show opportunities that are great for kids:


1. Birthday Parties


One of the best birthday setups for a child is a party that features a magician. Fun highlights often include:


  • Bunnies in hats, white doves, props
  • Fun disappearing tricks, card and coin tricks
  • Illusions


Usually, a magician wears a black top hat and carries a magic wand.  Then, the birthday child or his guests are sometimes called to help with certain tricks. The best birthday parties have these:


  • Interaction
  • Lots of smiles and laughter
  • Fun treats


2. Family Gatherings


To enjoy an event with children, a private family magic show is a fun way for the entire family and friends as well.  Here, children can experience magic, with mom and dad or other adult members.


The magician presents these:


  • Appropriate magic tricks for children.
  • Other entertaining tricks and illusions for adults.


Just like with children’s parties, a family gathering is interactive, entertaining and fun.


Ancient vs. Modern-day Magicians


Magicians of ancient times were feared by the public as wizards and witches.  They were seen as people who represented evil, associated with the devil. Not so with modern-day magicians.


Today, magicians are performers with their smile and laughter.  They present fun, wondrous magic tricks, not scary and evil.


Life and Learning


Perhaps a magician learned from:


  • Watching other people do tricks.
  • Attending magician classes or workshops.


Usually, his whole life revolves around the craft he loves. And when working with children, he likes to see them happy and smiling.


Positive Impact


In today’s society, parents wish their children to grow up in innocent positivity. Also, they dream they could shield them from:


  • Wars
  • Famines
  • Economic troubles
  • Crimes


With a magic show, a child has an event that brings them joy and fun with no stress.


Event Setup


Setting up a birthday party or a family event with a magician is a straightforward process.  Usually through a website, just contact the magician, and provide the following info:


  • Your name, email address, phone number.
  • Type of event you want.
  • Date of the event.


A magician, such as Melbourne’s Micky Trickstar performs for children’s parties, corporate events or other events for adults.


Your magician can answer questions if you’re unsure what a magic show would entail. He has the perfect magic show planned for any event you may want.  Never worry when you introduce a magician to your family party or your child’s birthday party. Just have fun and enjoy it!